Born in 1990. Graduated in Film Studies from the University of Buenos Aires.
Now based in Berlin.

Started doing short films, taking pictures.
At MTV’S in-house agency,  I worked as an editor and grew into a copywriter for the company's branding department for five years. As branding team, we had opportunities to shoot spots in Los Angeles with singer-host Bebe Rexha and a 360 campaign for EMA music video awards, to later shoot a whole rebrand in Barcelona. This project won a Clio Award for television.

I am a visual aesthetics and pop culture fan. I love new ways of seeing and experiencing the world.  

In the past 4 years, I have been based in Berlin as a freelancer. I have with many clients and various projects. From fashion films like AboutYou xEllesse xHomies campaign to music videos. As an assistant producer for big commercials at Rekorder and GoodHouseFilms, BTS for Calvin Klein with Modest Department, VFX Editor for Mercedes Benz commercials at Spellwork, and many other adventures. 
Ushuaia - Argentina
Berlin 2024